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Asphalt Maintenance Service, Inc. is a leader in asphalt maintenance, offering a complete program of professional asphalt solutions that include paving, asphalt patching, seal coating and crack repair.

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SEAL COATING - Understanding how sealcoating works... and how it can save you money
Asphalt pavement should be seal coated within the first year it is paved. Seal coating is the first step involved in protecting your asphalt pavement. It safeguards asphalt by placing a protective barrier on the surface and slows pavement deterioration. This service, like most asphalt maintenance, needs to be re-applied on a regular basis - usually every 2 to 3 years depending on traffic volume. The most obvious benefit of seal coating to most people is beautification, the "like-new"”appearance. Seal coating really does much more than this.

SEAL COATINGSeal Coating Benefits

  • Lasts longer (with regular maintenance)
  • Saves money in cleaning and snow removal costs
  • Stays flexible under varying temperatures
  • Stops raveling of aggregate
  • Improves safety of the asphalt
  • Beautification

Our coatings also resist and help protect against the following substances:

  • Ultraviolet damage from the sun
  • Gasoline
  • Oil & Grease

Seal coating doesn't rejuvenate pavement. Sealer is merely a protective coating applied to the surface of the pavement. It does not enhance or bring back to life any pavement characteristics.

Sealer doesn't provide structural improvements. Unlike a patch or an infrared repair, seal coating does not alter the soundness of the pavement structure in any way. Seal coating is not pavement repair. Seal coating is a pavement maintenance approach. It is used on essentially sound pavements to enhance their appearance and slow deterioration.

Seal coating doesn't repair cracks. Cracks in asphalt pavement need to be repaired properly with hot rubber repair material. Seal coating can fix hairline cracks but is not designed for larger cracking.

Seal coating doesn't make pavement more pliable. Asphalt is considered a flexible pavement because of the nature of asphalt itself. As it ages it becomes more brittle and subject to cracking. Seal coating helps the asphalt mat resist this aging process so it retains its flexibility longer.

All sealer and contractors are not alike. Property managers should do their homework to ensure contractors are using a commercial grade material that meets all Federal specifications. The material should include additives that increase the toughness, flexibility and durability of the coating along with sand to improve the skid resistance. Contractors should have on-site tank systems that provide agitation to the material, ensuring additives and sand stays properly mixed and suspended before and during the application.

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CRACK REPAIRThere are many causes of cracks in asphalt pavement, oxidation from the sun, water penetration, freeze/thaw cycle, and a poor paving job are the most common. Proper crack repair will prevent water from penetrating the crack, and provides a seal between the crack and the sub-base.

The next step is cleaning the crack of dirt, debris and vegetation. A heat lance may be required to remove heavy vegetation from the crack. In certain situations weed killer may be applied as necessary to prevent future vegetation growth.

The final step is sealing the crack with our hot-applied rubber sealant. The rubber is melted down from bulk brick form in a large thermostatically controlled melting kettle and applied into cracks in a variety of applicator machines while still in its molten form. This final product is a flexible crack, sealed from dirt & water, that will expand and contract with the extreme range of temperatures we face in Michigan. Please note that this service, like most asphalt maintenance, needs to be redone on a regular basis - usually every 2-3 years.

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PAVEMENT MARKINGLine striping is a necessary part of asphalt maintenance. We pride ourselves in accurately placed, crisp, bright lines and symbols. We offer re-striping on lots with existing layouts and new layouts for those areas that may have never had a striping layout, or need changes.

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Infrared repair techniques are faster than cutting out and replacing asphalt and they do not leave a joint around the perimeter of a repair for water to seep into. Infrared asphalt recyclers warm the existing asphalt in and around the repair area to over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The softened asphalt can be scarified to mix in hot liquid binder and fresh asphalt, if needed, before compaction. This results in a permanent and attractive repair that has recycled the old asphalt.

Typical Repairs:

  • Sunken Utility Cuts
  • Depressions/Poor Water Drainage
  • High Spots
  • Cracks
  • Catch Basins
  • Oil Spots
  • Pavement Decoration

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